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Overview of the Company
Find out more about Pharmedix and all of the products and services we offer

Oral Contraceptives

29 product offerings
Next Choice (Plan B Alternative)
Ella (5 Day Emergency Contraceptive)
Today Sponge
Kimono Condoms
Web Specials - Daily, weekly and monthly specials for Pharmedix clients only
Top 350 Prescription Products
Get your prescription medications fully labelled and ready to dispense from Pharmedix. Click here for a listing of the top 350 products and package sizes by drug class.
OTC's, Injectables and Surgical Supplies
We have a variety of options available for all of your patient health and office needs. Check the online Medical-Surgical catalog today!
Contract Items
Oral Contraceptives - Now available at discount contract pricing.
Professional Links
Strategic Partnerships
Learn more about our professional business partners.
Community Involvement
Pharmedix sponsors Youth Sports as well as donates supplies and funds to charitable organizations such as San Francisco de Orica Mission, Second Harvest Food Bank and other charitable endeavors.

Pharmedix own bi-annual publication where we alert our clients to new products, recently released generics, company news and FDA regulatory updates. This newsletter is sent to Pharmedix clients free of charge and is available on-line.

Prescriber's Letter
This is a subscription service for prescibers to keep them up to date on new developments in drug therapy.
Press Releases
Contains articles about or links to recent news events that maybe pertinent to our clients.
Latest product recalls affecting medications provided by Pharmedix.
Regulatory Affairs

FDA Web Site
Go to the FDA web site for information regarding drug shortages, drug recalls, counterfeit drugs and illegal drug diversion as well as much, much more...


DEA Web Site
Go to the DEA web site for information on DEA registration, drug disposal, drug schedules, guidelines for dispensing painkillers and identifying drug seeking behavior and much, much more....
Online Service
Pedigree Client Login
ePedigree management - Available Now
Online Ordering Client Login
Online Ordering Service - Available Now
Please call us to get your access information
Patient Drug Information Sheets

Search Drug Information

Patient Education Leaflets
List of Most Common Medications

Call Pharmedix at 1-800-486-1811 to receive further information. Read more ... about Electronic Dispensing System
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