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Pharmedix® Dispensing Systems
Pharmedix® offers an easy-to-use manual dispensing system as well as a suite of EASyMEDIX™ automated dispensing software packages.

Picture1From private practice, urgent care and industrial medicine to college health and indigent care, the Pharmedix® dispensing systems are flexible and adaptive. The Pharmedix® Dispensing systems allow offices and health centers without a “brick & mortar” pharmacy to dispense cost-effective, therapeutically appropriate treatment regimens at the time of encounter with patients, ensuring better patient compliance.

Pharmedix® provides an integrated prescription dispensing system, not just bottles of pills and a sheet of stickers. · The Pharmedix® dispensing system helps you keep a neat dispensary. Our medications come in custom recyclable, stacking trays that are clearly labeled with the same information that identifies each medication. The expiration date is highlighted for ease of reading.  For the protection and integrity of our products, Pharmedix® repacks most ophthalmic and topical prescription medications in clear flex tubes. These also come in our custom recyclable trays to sit on the shelf neatly with other medications, keeping ophthalmic and topical tubes from getting bent, crushed and/or dented, and providing a round uniform surface for the prescription label. An orderly dispensary prevents mix-ups as well as mistakes.

See the difference a real dispensing system makes.

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