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Pharmedix® RX Label

A Closer Look at the Pharmedix® RX Label

1. Tablet and capsule descriptions

Shape, markings and color are noted for visual identification. This fulfills new regulations in states that require such information on Rx labels.

2. Clearly marked WARNINGS

New easy-to-read type and designated warnings area for maximum effectiveness.

3. Easy-to-read type

Improved printing technique makes it easier to read important information like medication name, directions, lot number and expiration date.

4. Patient and Prescriber Info

Write the patient name and date on the Rx label. Unless preprinted, prescriber name also gets written here (We can preprint 2-4 prescriber names.) If using the manual system, repeat entering this information on the log copy as well.

5. Barcode **

The unique Rx barcode is the key to integrating the Pharmedix® dispensing system with your EMR system. You can now keep inventory electronically with our e-invoices and automatically update records.

**Call customer service for information and options regarding Pharmedix® and your EMR system.

6. Manual record keeping

You still have the option to keep inventory manually, using the log label, chart label, and billing labels with the log sheets provided. All in easier-to-read print. Not required if using an EMR system.

7. Patient receipt

Detachable patient receipt can be pre-printed with prescriber names and your custom retail price so you don’t have to look it up.

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