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Pharmedix® Dispensing Systems

Here is how the system works…

HH11. Each prescription medication you order will have a unique formulary code (order number) specific to your clinic. This alpha-numeric code can be used to order and identify each medication, package size, and dosage.
HH22. Each prescription medication will arrive in a tray, most often a tray often (10) vials or flex tubes. These recyclable plastic trays and paper sleeves help to keep medications with the same lot number and expiration date neat on the shelf, and therefore reduce the risk of misplaced medications.Select the medication, remove vial from tray, and check expiration/discard date. Cross-check with the tray label that you have the correct medication, strength and dosage, and verify the Rx number.
HH33. Unroll the label from the vial by pulling on the tab marked: “LIFT HERE.” Lay the label on a flat surface.
Write the patient name, prescriber name, and date on the prescription label and if using the manual system fill in the information on log label as well.
HH44. Now you can detach the label from its “tail” by tearing where is says: “DETACH HERE.” Remove the sticker backing from the remaining Rx label and adhere the Rx label to the vial.
HH55. You now have a fully labeled prescription. The remaining labels are for inventory. Patient chart, billing, record-keeping, and patient receipt. (EMR users can scan the barcode to access this same information & more.)
HH66. Tear off the “RECEIPT” and give to patient along with fully labeled prescription.
HH77. If using the manual system, remove the “LOG COPY” label from the backing and stick it in the appropriate box on the correct log sheet in your log binder. The correct sheet is identified by crossreferencing the formulary code & Rx number
The “CHART” label can be affixed to the patient’s medical chart. The three “BILL” copies can be used for billing or discarded. When 80% of the inventory has been used, the log sheet indicates that it is time to reorder. In the near future you will be able to customize the percentage.
Pharmedix® Dispensing Systems
Pharmedix® offers an easy-to-use manual dispensing system as well as a suite of EASyMEDIX™ automated dispensing software packages.